MetaCarta’s geOcarta upstream GIS/DMS

MetaCarta has re-branded its oil industry-specific text/GIS search engine.

MetaCarta has productized its oil-industry specific text-and-GIS search tool as geOdrive. geOdrive helps geoscientists locate text documents stored in a shared drive, the company Intranet or corporate portal from geographic locations, keywords and time parameters. Documents are then organized on a map according to their geographic references.


Mike Odell, head of MetaCarta’s energy unit said, ‘Oil and gas companies depend on knowing as much as possible about geographic locations. Workers need to know where to drill an exploratory well, where to place an offshore platform and where to locate a retail outlet. Geography is central to the operations.’


geOdrive uses a geoparsing engine to determine the spatial location of documents on maps. MetaCarta claims a significant investment in its oil and gas sector gazetteer which holds millions of place names and industry-specific locations such as blocks, quadrants and leases within the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

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