Majors clean-up with QCLogix

Data clean-up tools from Innerlogix stole the show at the PNEC data integration conference.

At the PNEC Data Integration conference—of which more in next month’s Oil IT Journal—Innerlogix pretty well stole the show, or rather neatly arranged for ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco to steal the show on their behalf. Both supermajors are enthusiastic users of Innerlogix’ DataLogix data cleanup tool and have used this extensively in the merger of their ‘heritage’ data sets.


Work done for ExxonMobil in particular has led to the development of a new, batch-oriented data cleanup tool which is just about ready for commercial release. Innerlogix’ president Dan Heggelund told Oil IT Journal, ‘QCLogix represents a new direction in data management, data confidence. QCLogix monitors upstream data and displays the results on a ‘quality dashboard’. Understanding quality is the cornerstone for building confidence in the data. QCLogix is based on a proven methodology for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the quality of E&P data.’


At the PNEC, ChevronTexaco’s Mike Underwood said, ‘QCLogix will enable us to better organize our data cleanup—monitoring, validating, and checking our databases for us. Batch mode processes should enable us to cut the percentage of time it takes to perform these activities in half and will enable us to increase the frequency of our runs to over one a month.


For more on how Innerlogix uses ‘statistics, geo-statistics, business logic, and fuzzy logic’ for data QC read Heggeleund’s May 2002 article in Oil IT Journal (Vol. 7 N° 5).

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