Veritas early adopter of 10 Gb Ethernet

The seismic processing contractor is an early adopter of high end networking from Force 10.

Geophysical processing specialist Veritas DGC is to deploy a high end network system from Milpitas-based Force10 Networks. Veritas will install a Force10 E1200 series network of switches and routers to support its geophysical data processing centers in Houston, London and Singapore.


Veritas’ global network manager Phil Gaskell explained, ‘Our success is determined by the pace at which we introduce technological improvements. Force10’s E-Series provides the resiliency and scalability that brings predictable performance and flexibility to our network.’


Gartner researcher Todd Hanson added, ‘The exploration vertical is an early adopter of next-generation networking technologies. 10 Gigabit Ethernet has proven its value in research and academia, enterprise deployment will follow soon.’


Force10’s E1200 scales to 336 Gigabit Ethernet or twenty-eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis. Distributed hardware and modular software deliver line-rate throughput across all ports regardless of traffic conditions. The E-Series offers system-based security to protect Veritas’ clusters from outside attacks seeking to disable the networking infrastructure.

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