Exprodat rolls out new NitroView

The web based GIS browser adds functionality for ConocoPhillips, Kerr McGee and BG’s users.

The latest release of UK-based Exprodat’s NitroView extension for ESRI’s Arc Internet Map Server (ArcIMS) offers enhanced, browser-based mapping functionality.


Exprodat Director Gareth Smith said, ‘NitroView 4.3 development was driven by feedback from our early adopters, including ConocoPhillips, Kerr-McGee and BG. We’ve added end-user functionality and expanded the range of administration options to provide an even more compelling web GIS experience. We are now actively working with clients to integrate NitroView with third-party applications like Landmark’s TeamWorkspace portal solution, further enhancing the value of both products.’

GIS toolkit

NitroView’s GIS toolkit includes scaled hardcopy, user-defined labeling, layer creation, map preferences, and downloading of attribute results. An ArcGIS 8.x extension supports ArcIMS-based map publishing in .axl format, layer grouping, metadata access and stored queries. A NitroView map can be created on the fly based on the results of a query.


Smith concluded, ‘NitroView is a mature, highly functional option for any company working with or thinking of using ArcIMS to share data.’ NitroView requires ArcIMS v4.x, and IE 5.5 or above, supporting both ImageService and ArcMapService ArcIMS deployments.

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