Open Spirit to take on GoCad link

OpenSpirit Corp. is to develop and maintain EDS’ GoCad to OpenSpirit adaptor.

OpenSpirit Corp. (OSC) is to take over development and maintenance of Earth Decision Sciences’ GoCad/Open Spirit adaptor. Both companies will be marketing the adaptor. Earth Decision Sciences’ (EDS) GoCad is a flagship application for the Open Spirit framework and has long been used to demonstrate interoperability with OpenSpirit enabled data stores including OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder and SMT’s Kingdom Suite.


OSC president Dan Piette said, ‘This agreement strengthens our long-standing partnership with EDS, GoCad users will benefit from present and future functionality and performance that OpenSpirit offers.’


EDS CEO Jean-Claude Dulac added, ‘Our core strength is building decision support solutions for our upstream customers. As a pioneer in the Open Spirit world, we realize that Open Spirit ensures that our solution retains state of the art interoperability with other environments.’

Core strengths

OSC anticipates similar agreements with other vendor partners. Piette continued, ‘This allows each company to focus on its core strengths. We welcome similar arrangements with other vendor partners.’

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