Hess opts for Schlumberger connectivity

High tech ‘bandwidth on demand’ supports Hess’ operations in West Africa, Houston and Aberdeen.

Amerada Hess has chosen Schlumberger Information Solutions to provide a global connectivity solution providing a reliable, secure communications network between its offshore and land-based facilities in West Africa and its offices in Aberdeen and Houston.


The solution provides voice, fax and data communications between remote locations with no local IT infrastructure. Schlumberger uses the latest NdSatcom Skywan TDMA VSAT technology and the Spacetrack 4000 Stabilized Platform. This platform offers resilience, fully meshed operation (single hop voice and data path from any location to any location) and high speed burst optimized for internet traffic. Hess’ Aberdeen office links to the system through the Schlumberger teleport facility. Houston traffic routs through the Aberdeen teleport and a transatlantic T1 connection via Schlumberger’s multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) Global Network. MPLS allows faster, simpler, multi-application data transmission and reliable connectivity, as well as options for bandwidth on demand.


SIS VP of Connectivity Services, Jean-Michel Rouylou said, ‘With the implementation of stabilized systems designed for marine or remote use as well as fixed, land-based connectivity, Amerada Hess can now communicate in real-time with all its offices in West Africa and other locations. Our network supports all of the world’s oil provinces to satisfy the industry’s demands, anywhere, anytime.’

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