AnTech introduces wireless rig network

AnTech’s DAQ>W offers wireless connectivity certified for use in hazardous environment.

UK-based AnTech revealed a new rigsite data acquisition system last month at the SPE/ICoTA tradeshow in The Woodlands, Texas. DAQ>W (pronounced ‘dak dubya’) comprises a network of sensors and transmitters certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas. Data is transmitted at regular intervals to the a base station in the control cabin. Readings are immediately displayed via custom DAQ>W software on the base station.


AnTech claims DAQ>W as a first for the drilling industry. AnTech MD Toni Miszewski said, ‘The well site environment is extremely tough on electric cables, especially those required to transmit sensitive instrumentation signals from data sensors. Standard acquisition systems require a clumsy network of vulnerable cables which may pose a safety hazard.’


A DAQ>W base station can handle up to 64 individual ATEX-certified sensors. Systems are available for operations including coiled tubing drilling and work-over and wireline. Sensors are available for temperature, flow or pulse, level, load/strain, pressure and pump stroke data capture.

Local Area Network

Signals from the transmit-only devices can be transmitted up to 500m to a base station. Base stations themselves can relay data to other base stations at distances up to several kilometers. DAQ>W data is transmitted in a simple ASCII comma separated format. The acquisition system can be located anywhere, on a drilling platform, moving car or vessel, allowing for remote monitoring of operations. More from

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