InfoStream well solution for Qatar Petroleum

Quatar Petroleum leverages Schlumberger’s software and service offering to manage log data.

Qatar Petroleum (QP) has successfully deployed Schlumberger Information Solutions’ InfoStream data management solution to reorganize its massive collection of well log data, accumulated over 50 years of operations. QP’s log library houses thousands of tapes and hundreds of thousands of curves—a ‘valuable national data asset’ that was rapidly becoming unmanageable.


QP’s logs were stored in unsecured and unconditioned environments. Retrieval had become problematical due to poor indexing, resulting in lost data and poor data validation. Older wells had no digital data and some drilled in the 1940s were only available as hand-drawn logs. A major challenge was cleaning, qualifying and validating log data so as to regain end users’ trust in their data.


SIS’ Information Management division applied its InfoStream solution to QP’s problem dataset. The project team loaded QP’s data into the LogDB data management solution. Log films and prints were scanned and verified before loading to the physical asset management system. Raw curve data was edited and spliced to form a composite and hybrid curve for the each well. The exercise was carried out for each well, producing raw, edited and composite curves in measured depth and true vertical depth sub sea. The final composite logs with markers, cores and deviation surveys for each well were loaded into the results data store.

80 million feet

A total of 80 million curve feet of log data was digitized, and 25,000 log films and prints and 30,000 A3 and A4 size pages of log reports and studies were scanned and cataloged as part of this corporate well log database. The project also helped QP standardize well and field naming conventions. Interpretation cycle times have been reduced by 30 to 35 percent according to SIS.

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