Hydro and FFA cooperate on software

Norsk Hydro has engaged Foster Findlay Associates to develop proprietary imaging system.

Nork Hydro and UK-based image processing specialists Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) are to collaborate on the development of a new tool for image-based seismic interpretation.


The companies have signed an R&D agreement to create ‘a world leading seismic volume interpretation tool’ for Norsk Hydro’s exclusive use, based on FFA’s state of the art 3D Image Processing and Analysis technology.


The new tool will build on and extend, FFA’s SEA 3D volume interpretation package into the field of automatic recognition of geological elements in seismic. Focus will be on ‘innovative concepts for attribute generation, attribute analysis and visualization.’ The research aims at giving Hydro new 3D seismic interpretation capability which will confer a ‘powerful competitive advantage’.

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