ENI leverages CoBrain search in Portal

Innovation Machine’s semantic processing offers answers to oil knowledge workers.

Invention Machine’s ‘CoBrain’ knowledge management tool has been embedded in ENI’s technical users’ Portal (Oil ITJ Vol. 9 N° 2). The semantic search engine uses a simple subject-action-object grammar which has proved ‘very powerful’ according to ENI’s Antonio Carlini. CoBrain is an enterprise knowledge-mining solution that enables corporations to ‘capture, share, and leverage intelligence’.


CoBrain’s ‘semantic processing’ transforms text into a ‘sophisticated index’ that reveals ‘precise answers to user questions’. CoBrain creates ‘Knowledge Bases’ from the Internet, Intranet, Lotus Notes repositories, corporate servers, and corporate databases accessible via ODBC. CoBrain can also access ‘deep’ web sites such as Patent Office databases.


CoBrain leverages research performed in the 1950’s by Genrich Altshuller whose ‘TRIZ’ theory provides systematic solutions to technological problems. Invention Machine is working with customers like Shell, Saipem, BP and ConocoPhillips on improving mooring and drilling systems and next-generation drilling technologies.

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