Open Source spatial from PPDM

Presented at the ESRI PUG, the new PPDM project may prove a ‘Trojan’ for Open Source GIS.

At the ESRI PUG, the PPDM Association kicked-off the fourth round of its spatial-enabling initiative: Spatial IV—a.k.a. PPDM ‘Lite’. PPDM III was an ambitious extension of previous spatial projects that enabled all PPDM objects, provided a sample ESRI Geodatabase implementation and researched further integration technologies. Spatial III was implemented by Nexen, Talisman and Geoscience Australia.


The new project sets out to create a lightweight data model which can act as a data collector for data stored in full-blown PPDM implementations and in other repositories such as document management systems and pipeline datastores. The ‘Lite’ model will then serve as the basis for a new GIS-enabled product. Target users in large and small companies are those seeking to integrate multiple datasets into a spatial front-end.

Open Source

Quest Software’s Toad schema browser was used. The project will leverage previous database implementations on Oracle and the Open Source PostgreSQL. Spatial components are developed for ESRI SDE and PostGIS - another open development by Refractions Research. More from

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