MMS re-awards data processing contract

After a few months of hesitation, the MMS has awarded its digital log contract to A2D.

Following the kafuffle last year (Oil ITJ Vol. 8 N° 9) when the US Minerals Management Service (MMS) awarded and hastily withdrew a well log data processing contract to A2D Technologies, the contract has finally been re-awarded for real.


The withdrawal was due to a ‘misinterpretation’ by the MMS of internal procedures, forcing a re-evaluation of all bids on the contract. After what was described as ‘an extensive procedural review process’, the MMS has re-awarded the exclusive multi-year digital well log data processing contract.

Official contractor

A2D, a subsidiary of TGS-Nopec, will act as the MMS’ official contractor for well log data processing and hosting of proprietary and public well log data assets. A2D will work directly with companies operating in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to collect and distribute complete, clean, processed well log data to the public.

Workstation ready

A2D will process digital vector log data to the MMS’ data specifications and will also supply the MMS with Workstation Ready (WSR) data for internal use. A2D’s WSR format is used by a exploration companies and is claimed to offer efficiencies in data management and interpretation activities.

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