New version of Recon ported to Onyx4

Austin Geomodeling’s flagship embraces knowledge management and extended interoperability.

Austin Geomodeling (AGM) has just released a new version of its 3-D geological interpretation solutions Recon. Recon is described as a ‘next-generation’ 3-D geological interpretation package that lets geoscientists and engineers visualize and interpret well log and seismic data in an integrated 3-D model. The latest release introduces new workflows for advanced 3-D surface modeling, presentation quality graphics and compatibility with RMS, GoCAD, Petrel, Petrosys, and Eclipse.


Knowledge management is supported through 2-D and 3-D hyperlinks to external documents and a ‘free-form’ interval database architecture supports generic well interval datatypes. Recon has also been ported to SGI’s Onyx4—scalable to 64 CPUs, 128 GB of memory, and 32 graphics pipelines.

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