A2D SilverWire—web-services log delivery

A2D’s new web-services log delivery mechanism is deployed in Landmark’s PowerExplorer.

TGS-Nopec unit A2D Technologies is now offering its Log-Line Plus well log data repository through a web services delivery mechanism. The new ‘SilverWire’ web service exposes A2D’s log data for remote query and access. The web services paradigm ensures standards-based, machine independent, remote access.


Queries can be based on common well header and log metadata attributes and/or spatial extent. SilverWire also supports user authentication and e-commerce: users can purchase a variety of log products directly from A2D.


Landmark is an early adopter of SilverWire technology which is now embedded into its GIS-based data management tool, PowerExplorer. PowerExplorer leverages ESRI web technology for spatial data display and analysis including quality map generation in GISView using MapObjects Java–supporting cgm, dxf, dgn and zgf export formats. Dynamic ad-hoc queries, industry standard reports leverage JCPageLayout, bubble maps and GeoFrame support complete the picture.

LAS data

A2D claims to have amassed one of the largest databases of high quality, key LAS digital well log data for the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast, and Permian Basin regions. There are currently over 1.5 million logs in the database with over 60,000 new additions each month.

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