Divestco announces GeoCarta Tools

A new ESRI-compliant front-end merges legacy GIS tools and exposes public datasets.

Calgary-based Divestco Inc. has released a new mapping product, GeoCarta Tools for ESRI’s ArcGIS. GeoCarta evolved from earlier work done by both MSI Capture and AnGIS, two companies purchased by International Datashare Corp. – itself subsequently bought by Divestco.


GeoCarta offers dynamic filtering, report and query building and is based on an ‘open systems philosophy’ which enables the tool to run against a wide variety of public and proprietary data. Divestco offers an alternative to using proprietary data with the introduction of Data Packs consisting of industry standard reports, graphs, queries and wizards. These offer clients easy access to public data hubs without learning ArcGIS modules. GeoCarta Tools can be easily deployed to a standard ArcGIS 8.x extension. By encapsulating GeoCarta Tools in a single extension, an organization can deploy the tools without needing to modify existing projects.


Divestco VP Shannon Niemi said, ‘Divestco has gained extensive experience in working with both a wide variety of oil and gas data and applications, as well as the latest ESRI product offerings. It is with this broad knowledge base that Divestco, in consultation with clients, now provides easy access to a range of oil and gas specific data through ESRI’s ArcGIS 8.x’ GeoCarta Tools is slated for official release April 1, 2004.

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