Digital Human Model for Osaka Gas

UGS PLM’s ‘Jack’ is used to omptimize human interactions with living and working environments.

Leading Japanese energy company Osaka Gas Co. is using EDS unit UGS PLM Solutions’ Digital Human Model (DHM) in a futuristic project that creates virtual living spaces. The DHM is a component of Osaka’s Comfort, Usability, Performance, Safety (CUPS) system to be launched in April 2004.


UGS’ DHM—‘Jack’ to his friends—enables users to position biomechanically accurate digital humans of various sizes in virtual environments, assign them tasks and analyze their performance. Jack digital humans can tell engineers what they can see and reach, how comfortable they are, if they’re getting hurt and other ergonomics-related information.


Osaka research fellow Masaru Hotehama said, ‘Jack lets us evaluate physical functions such as posture and eyesight. Jack integrates with our proprietary behavioral algorithms—offering a high degree of flexibility in the development process, enabling us to import and run programs from external sources. We model cardio-load to check an environment’s impact on elderly people and can run executables on Jack that we develop independently with Visual Basic.


UGS VP Ted McFadden added, ‘Our digital human model, Jack, can adapt to the requirements of this demanding application. The Osaka Gas team has successfully deployed Jack in a unique application, achieving extraordinary results’. CUPS was developed with support from the Japanese government.

Stop Press - EDS just divested UGS PLM to a venture capital group.

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