PIDX hiccup, new e-commerce standard

The API PIDX standard has overcome some compatibility issues and is ready for e-business.

Andy Ross, Digital Oilfield and co-chair of the PIDX Business Messages Workgroup (BMW) has provided Oil IT Journal this progress report. ‘The PIDX BMW maintains PIDX’s standards for electronic commerce. In 2003 an initiative was undertaken to incorporate several new elements into PIDX’s existing XML standards (RP 3901, version 1.0).

OFS Portal

Specifically, OFS Portal schemas were harmonized into 3901, a CustodyTicket schema was added, and several schema design guidelines were incorporated. Unfortunately it was discovered at the PIDX Fall 2003 Conference in Houston that the proposed schema revisions were not backwards compatible with version 1.0.


In January 2004, Schlumberger hosted meeting for the Messages Workgroup to resolve the incompatibility issues. The group worked through the issues element by element, and attribute by attribute. Once approved, version 1.1 will be posted on the PIDX website.’

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