Oildex, electroBusiness team on e-business

New grouping sets-out to integrate electronic invoicing and workflow systems in North America.

TransZap unit Oildex is teaming with electroBusiness to offer North American producers an integrated e-commerce solution spanning Oildex SpendWorks and electroBusiness e-Business Utility systems. The combined offering extends e-commerce including electronic invoicing and financial e-documents to some 600 new vendors.


Oildex president Peter Flanagan said, ‘The alliance enables Canadian energy producers to save money using the Oildex SpendWorks system, by easily processing and paying bills, received through the extensive electroBusiness network of digitally-enabled Canadian vendors.’


Oildex SpendWorks provides oil companies with web-based tools that simplify the process of ordering and paying for goods and services. By replacing paper invoices with digital information, engineers, accountants and procurement managers save time and money, improving profitability.


Oildex Connect is a web-based suite of financial and operational workflow tools that deliver real-time decision support information to energy companies. Oildex Connect provides one of the largest data exchanges in the industry and includes digital and scanned invoicing, owner/producer relations data posting, check stub reporting, crude oil data exchange, gas data exchange, production and sales volume reporting and joint interest billing.

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