Enerdex and Infogistics team

Startup sets out to apply ‘intelligent search’ to the growing mountain of corporate information.

Energy Data Express—a.k.a. Enerdex is a London based start-up which sets out to offer ‘new and innovative’ data management solutions for organizations in the energy sector. Enerdex is in the process of adapting natural language software from Edinburgh-based Infogistics, a specialist in text-mining and document retrieval.

1 Petabyte/day

Enerdex reports that world-wide corporate users will create over one Petabyte of data per day and that knowledge workers are only achieving two hours of productive work in the day—the rest of the time is spent ‘trawling, compiling, or routing information to complete their tasks’. These figures will drop even further as the amount of data increases, unless smart tools can be employed that can efficiently retrieve, route, and present users with the information they need to achieve their tasks.


Enerdex technology allows dispersed corporate information repositories to be merged into one ‘advanced knowledge discovery system’. Intelligent search simplifies navigation and fast retrieval of documents by gathering clustered groups of relevant documents from multiple sources. These solutions are already supporting organizations in the legal, HR, and government domains.

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