Virtual Geoscience Workshop

Imperial College’s model of ‘discontinuous processes’ targets sedimentation and multi-phase flow.

The Earth Science department of Imperial College, London has been awarded a £470,000 grant to build a ‘Virtual Geoscience Workbench (VGW) for Discontinuous Systems’. VGW will study granular dynamics, packing and heap stability using discrete element modeling (DEM), finite discrete elements (FEMIDEM), complex system modeling and continuum modeling.

Collision dynamics

VGW will model complex shape collision dynamics, interaction between particles, fluid coupling, fracturing and fragmenting particles at ‘pseudo-static’ geological timescale systems. VGW will be ‘open source’ and easy to customize. The tool will be demonstrated using a sedimentary rock process model - from genesis to brittle deformation and include sedimentation, avalanching, compaction, diagenesis, multi-phase flow through granular media, faulting and jointing. Continuum Resources is a technology partner in the project.

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