ISA Bridges Z-Map to ESRI gap

ISA has bridged the gap between Landmark’s Z-Map contouring and ESRI’s GIS.

ISA’s ‘A2Z Bridge’ gives PC-based GIS users the ability to tap into the surface modeling capabilities of Landmark’s Z-MAP Plus system. A2Z Bridge connects the Unix world to the PC with a straightforward interface that supports user-selection of data either in both Z-Map projects on a Unix workstation and ARC Shapefiles on the PC. Gridding and contouring can be carried out with full Z-MAP Plus functionality through the ZCL scripting language (part of all Z-Map releases). The A2Z client can be deployed either as a stand-alone program or as an extension to ESRI’s ArcMap. The Unix server component can run either from a GUI or as a batch process waiting on requests from client process.


On the Unix-side, the server dynamically generates and executes ZCL scripts. Once gridding and/or contouring are complete the system will return the resulting grid and contours, in compatible formats, to the Arc project where the user is working.

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