EnCana reports on WellCore usage

EnCana has extended deployment of Malibu’s Wellcore well data system to the North Sea and Africa.

EnCana’s International New Ventures Exploration (INVE) has reported successful use of Malibu’s offshore well information management system. EnCana’s previous well data collection system was fragmented and it was proving hard to add a new site. WellCore EnCana chose Malibu’s WellCore application which was customized to EnCana’s requirements in a three week time frame.


Ron MacDonald, well engineering team leader with EnCana said, “Within days of our initial meeting, Malibu designed a solution that could be tailored to the specific needs of each one of our rigs while providing data consistency essential for accurate analysis.”


Following the first deployment off Canada’s East Coast, WellCore has been installed in Aberdeen and is now being tailored to an Africa onshore environment. These customizations help EnCana capture data that is sensitive to local conditions yet standardized enough so that data from one rig can be compared to data from another.


Paul Stringer, Contingent Business Analyst at EnCana added, “Malibu was the first company to come along with the right offshore solution. We’re happy to have a solution that is tailored to our business processes and needs.”


Key Wellcore functionalities for EnCana are: multiple measurement formats and security protocols, reduced time for localization, once-and-for-all data entry and data visibility across all sites.

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