RocksBank geomechanics database

A new rock mechanical properties database will help in seal analysis and drilling optimization.

Advanced Geotechnology Inc. (AGI), Nexen Inc. and PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada are kicking off a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to develop RocksBank, a new rock mechanical and petrophysical properties database. The RocksBank database will be a companion program to AGI’s StabView well planning software.

Formation data

The new database will let operators, service companies and researchers manage, analyze, search for and store laboratory and log-derived formation data. The database will be delivered to JIP participants with a comprehensive dataset on rocks from several thousand sources.


Non-proprietary rock mechanical and acoustic property data for many reservoir and caprock formations from North America and other petroleum basins in the world will be compiled, quality-rated and organized for rapid review, analysis and application. Proprietary data can also be stored, analyzed and compared to data in the open literature. RocksBank will run on a stand-alone PC or workstation, a local area network, an intranet, and the internet.


Target applications for the JIP include seismic velocity modeling, seal integrity assessments, petrophysical analysis, drilling program optimization based on rock strength and hydraulic and acid fracturing evaluation.

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