Schlumberger and BG deploy SGI Onyx4

Schlumberger and BG deploy SGI supercomputers. SGI reports ‘significant progress’ for quarter.

High-end supercomputer, storage and visualization specialists SGI reports on recent oil and gas deployments in its second fiscal quarter results. British Gas Exploration has acquired a four-processor Silicon Graphics Onyx4 UltimateVision graphics supercomputer with 12GB of system memory and four graphics pipes. The system was chosen in part for its ability to accelerate complex subsurface visualizations using InsideReality software.


Schlumberger has also acquired an SGI box for its Cambridge (UK) Research unit. The system, another Onyx4, will be used to develop 3D well planning and seismic volume interpretation software.


SGI’s results for the quarter ending December 26, 2003 showed GAAP revenue at $237.9 million (up from $218.0 million for the previous quarter) and gross margin of 46.7% (up from 43.4%).


SGI chairman and CEO Bob Bishop said, ‘This was a quarter of significant progress for the company. The completion of our bond exchange offer, coupled with solid operational performance and the recently announced Altix 350 mid-range server has investors, customers and partners taking a fresh look at the company. We’re confident, focused and ready to deliver value to all of our stakeholders.’

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