ConocoPhillips e-business data validation

electroBusiness has introduced secure document exchange and data validation services.

Calgary-based electroBusiness (EB) is providing data validation services for ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC). eBvalidation is a managed solution that enables CPC’s vendors to verify the accuracy of the accounting codes used on CPC’s invoices. Once verified, invoices can proceed directly to the payment approval process.


Judy Smith, e-Business manager with CPC said, “EB provides an efficient means for our vendors to comply with our electronic document requirements. Data validation has greatly reduced the back and forth communication and re-work that is required whenever incorrect data is submitted.”


EB has also launched a secure electronic document exchange service to complement its e-business offering. eBgateway uses SOAP-based web services to communicate with the e-Business Utility host. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encrypts all data with a 128-bit key.


The e-Business Utility uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to authenticate users and manage access rights and document routing. LDAP is based on the OSI X.500 directory architecture standard, simplified and adapted to TCP/IP protocol. The major software companies have embraced LDAP.


Cal Fairbanks, CEO electroBusiness, added, ‘We are providing a highly effective solution for any scenario where information must be shared securely across company boundaries or locations. This has broad application in industry and in any business activity that requires communication with individuals and groups from different organizations. We are scoring a double-win with our client’s business leaders and IT department heads alike, because we are enabling them to easily conduct business with their partners while at the same time ensuring that high security standards are upheld.’

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