AQPC report on industry competitiveness

A new report offers 34 case histories and guidelines for energy business improvement.

The American Productivity and Quality Center (AQPC) has just published a guide for ‘Continuous Improvement in the Energy Industry’. The Guide is designed to help companies navigate the current business landscape of increasing globalization, corporate downsizing, and outsourcing and to help them evolve, improve, and stay ahead of the competition.

Case studies

Using its own benchmarking methodology, the APQC has researched practices critical to the corporate world and produced a catalog of case studies from the world’s leading organizations. These include British Petroleum, PECO, Halliburton, Chevron, Florida Power and Light, and Edison International.


The CD-ROM includes 34 profiles and executive summaries of the benchmarking study’s participants, key findings, research methodology, and study focus. The study targets companies interested in the energy industry’s continuous improvement efforts. Industry-wide trends and best practices in a spectrum of continuous improvement arenas, from knowledge management and performance measures to competitive intelligence and online training.

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