EPG equips Pemex remote facilities

Wireless SCADA specialist is to automate remote gas production facilities.

EPG Companies has installed its E-Wave radio telemetry system to monitor 24 Pemex remote natural gas production sites in rural Villahermosa, Mexico. The system provides continual real-time production data and site status monitoring. Data includes American Gas Association (AGA-3) calculations from the flow computer PLC.


E-Wave is a wireless SCADA device that uses 900MHz, frequency hopping, spread spectrum radio technology. Any number of the E-Wave transmitters can work side by side with little chance of interference with each other or other sources.

Labor saving

The economical, labor saving telemetry system also performs shut downs and generates reports from a single master location and uses open architecture protocol to accommodate future upgrades and/or expansion. There have been no system problems related to the telemetry equipment. Additional stations and systems including over 250 RTUs have been added since the original system. EPG telemetry systems are designed to provide complete control over any field operation, from monitoring vital signals, levels, and temperatures, to performing control functions and complex calculations.

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