ZettaWorks software selection service

EAI integration specialist now offering five point plan for enterprise software selection.

Houston-based business integration specialist ZettaWorks is to offer a decision support service to companies considering deploying an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution. ZettaWorks’ five-step process helps clients determine the EAI solution that will best meet their needs within their budget while reducing risks of integration and solution choice.


ZettaWorks claims to be independent of EAI vendors and offers ‘unbiased’ assessment of clients’ current architectures, suggests vendor-neutral solutions, validates vendor proof of concepts and costs.


ZettaWorks VP of Technology, Eric Roch said, ‘We have leveraged the experience gained through our partnerships with leading EAI vendors to develop an extensive knowledge base of selection criteria, comparative product features and strengths. The result is a selection process driven by our customers’ business objectives and ROI and based upon proven technology that matches our business needs and technical architecture.’


‘The EAI market segment has all of the classic characteristics of emerging technology: media hype, wild vendor claims, and soon-to-be obsolete products. Yet there are mature technologies available that have solid ROIs and are backed by reputable vendors.’


A toolkit has been developed to lead clients to the most appropriate solution based upon their specific needs. Components of the toolkit include documentation templates, evaluation matrices, and ROI calculator. ZettaWorks’ offering is available as a five step product selection process or as a package tailored to a client’s needs.

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