Trade Ranger status report and new client

Trade Ranger reports on a busy year and its first Latin American Client, Repsol YPF Brazil.

Writing in Trade Ranger’s 2003 year-end report, President John Wilson outlined plans to improve the quality and efficiency of current offerings and to extend services and solutions with eInvoicing and eSourcing applications.


Jean-Pierre Foehn, VP Operations, added that the company has signed 650 new suppliers to the marketplace, bringing the total to nearly 2000. In December, document transactions rose to more than 55,600 for a 2003 total of 425,000. More than half of those were Purchase Orders. By the end of 2003, the number of stock keeping units (SKU’s) in the database rose to over 600,000.


All of the company’s major releases in 2004 will be officially branded under the Trade-Ranger Universal Environment (TRUE) including flagship applications TRUE Procurement (TRIP) and TRUE Order Management (TROM).


Sebastian Gass, VP of Technology added ‘We now handle about 1600 invoices per month a through TROM and over 550 through ERP-to-ERP integration. We forecast a total invoice volume of 5.25 million per year by 2006. The potential cost savings on the buy-side could be as much as $8.00 per invoice, or nearly $50 million per year.’

Repsol YPF

Repsol YPF has implemented the first Trade-Ranger solution in Latin America in its Brazilian subsidiary. The deployment is Repsol’s first eProcurement project that leverages Trade-Ranger’s hosted applications.


Repsol YPF Brazil’s purchasing and Contracts Department procures materials, assets and services (except for raw materials) including tanks, gauge systems and other equipment for service stations, IT materials and office supplies – issuing about 450 purchase orders per month, for an amount of $3 million, on average.

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