Landmark for Pemex

Landmark is to supply Pemex with upstream software and services in a five year deal. Pemex’s ITS procurement unit signed-off on the deal.

Landmark Graphics has signed a five-year technology agreement with Integrated Trade Systems, Inc. (ITS) to supply Pemex with a range of Landmark’s software.


John Gibson, Halliburton Energy Services president, said, ‘The Landmark agreement expands upon the 50-year strong relationship that Halliburton has developed with Pemex and we are proud to continue this great partnership.’


The deal includes the provision of Landmark service and support to Pemex E&P specialists. ITS is a wholly-owned Pemex unit, incorporated in 1994 in the state of Delaware. ITS provides international procurement services to Pemex in Mexico.


Pemex is an eclectic purchaser of upstream software. Last year, Schlumberger won a $60 million contract for the provision of upstream information management and services (Oil ITJ Vol. 8 N° 3). In 2002, Mexican President Vicente Fox opened a Paradigm-equipped geophysical data processing center for the state oil company (Oil ITJ Vol. 7 N° 12).

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