PetroVision now web-enabled

A new release CGG’s PetroVision data management package embraces document management.

A new web interface to CGG’s PetroVision supports secure remote web-based access data stored in PetroVision from any point in the world. Users can select, view, obtain or ask for delivery of any data, to which the user has been granted access.


Data types including wells and seismic lines are accessible through a GIS interface. Office Automation documents (Word, Excel and Acrobat) can be managed from the interface and filtered, sorted, searched and downloaded to the desktop.


Large files can be retrieved by authorized users via FTP. where user access rights exist. Viewers are provided for GIF, JPEG, TIFF graphics and industry-specific formats including LAS, LIS, DLIS, SEGY and RODE. Files can be emailed to authorized recipients. PetroVision is used by Total and by several clients in Russia.

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