SimSci-Esscor teams with Innotec

A joint development sets out to integrate front-end plant engineering with process simulation.

Invensys unit SimSci-Esscor (SSE) has signed a five-year agreement with German software house Innotec to develop iFEED, a new suite of integrated front-end engineering and design tools for the oil and gas industry. The new products will combine Innotec’s ‘Cosmos’ front-end engineering design (FEED) solution and SSE’s process simulation software PRO/II.


SSE general manager Ken Brown said, “The relationship with Innotec significantly increases market opportunities for our simulation software. Integrating PRO/II simulation data with Cosmos FEED will enable better-informed engineering decisions. We look forward to working closely with Innotec to provide the process industry with state-of-the-art, fully integrated process engineering tools.”


Cosmos FEED is an engineering data and document-centric database management system which integrates process simulation data during scope, conceptual development and the preliminary engineering phases of a project. The system provides engineers with a collaborative environment to manipulate simulation data and input non-simulation data for defining process flow and equipment specifications.

Dynsim 3.1

In a separate announcement, SSE announced an upgrade to its dynamic process simulation tool Dynsim. Dynsim 3.1 targets both refining and upstream modeling to meet the challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably.


Dynsim takes advantage of open software standards to interface with other plant applications such as steady-state simulators and control system emulators. The solution lets operators deploy the same model in multiple applications such as process design studies, control evaluations, training and analysis.


Dynsim forms an integral component of SimSci-Esscor’s Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), which provides ‘rigorous’ dynamic simulation and control emulation for plant engineers, operators and managers. All DSS programs, including Dynsim, FSIM and TRISIM, can communicate with each other to enable ‘seamless’ integration into specific plant requirements.


Dynsim is delivered as a component of SimSci-Esscor’s SIM4ME user environment and leverages the company’s 35 years of experience providing simulation and optimization products and services to the process industries. SIM4ME helps companies build open computing solutions for the process industries. Based on a model-centric design, SIM4ME hosts SimSci-Esscor’s process simulation, optimization and control system emulation programs.

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