Emerson revamps optimizer

Emerson’s process optimizer now leverages web services to support real time asset control.

Emerson Process Management has released a new version of its AMS real time optimizer. The AMS Optimizer (AMSO) combines plant modeling, data reconciliation, and optimization in a single package. The AMSO can also power Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

Web services

AMSO V3.0 now supports web services, allowing integration with the AMS Suite including Asset Portal, Emerson’s decision-support application that provides information on the health and performance of equipment through a web browser.


An updated library has improved the speed and accuracy of computations, a new interface to the scheduling tool simplifies model and processes planning. Multi-level diagnostics can now be included within larger models. AMSO now offers full support for Windows XP.


Peter Hodgson, Products Director at Emerson said, “AMSO now produces a robust on-line optimization system that solves problems and delivers benefits.” The AMS Suite supports predictive main-tenance, performance monitoring and economic optimization, helping companies improve availability, plant throughput and product quality, while reducing operations, maintenance and utility costs.

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