Windows-based 64-bit virtual reality

VRCO has used an Itanium cluster running Windows 2003 Server in a VR showcase application.

VRCO, Inc., has just released a software toolkit—interactive 3D (i3D) for developing visualization and virtual reality applications. i3D leverages Microsoft’s latest 64-bit Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. The software was demonstrated at the Supercomputing 2003 show late last year on a cluster of HP zx6000 workstations and a tiled display wall from Visbox.


VRCO CTO Matt Szymanski believes this is the first commercially available, turnkey, 64-bit Windows-based cluster display system. The demo ran on nine dual Itanium processor workstations each with 6GB of RAM, and an ATI FireGL graphics card. The display system comprised 9 projectors arranged in a 3x3 array, creating an overall resolution of 7 million pixels.


Microsoft High Performance Computing Solution Manager Greg Rankich added, “64-bit data visualization capabilities provides organizations with another compelling reason to standardize on the Windows platform.”


VRCO also showed a new version of vGeo its interactive data fusion and visual analysis tool built on another VRCO product, CAVELib, a toolkit for developing interactive 3D visualization applications. CAVELib is deployed by Schlumberger in its Inside Reality application.

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