EarthModels PC-based 4D sesimics

New entry-level 4D time lapse seismic analysis from EarthModels and an upgrade to Chronos.

UK-based EarthModels Ltd. has just released ChronoSeis, a PC-based 4D time-lapse seismic reservoir modeling package. ChronoSeis brings 4D seismic into a 3D geological model and provides links to the main reservoir simulators. The software supports interactive 4D seismic modeling and includes ‘advanced inference’ tools to derive changes in saturation and pressure from seismic differences.


EarthModels has also announced a new release of its Chronos package. Chronos2 is a 3D geological modeling program with ‘grid-less’ design providing on-the-fly model realization.


EarthModels’ MD David Gawith told Oil IT Journal, “Chronos2 provides unequalled speed in ‘what-if’ modeling and easy model synchronization over the Internet, for remote team working. EarthModels is currently seeking a commercial partner company to help realize the potential of ChronoSeis and Chronos2”. Chronos entry-level geostatistical modeling is available as a hosted ASP service through Petris Winds Now!

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