Maurer’s drilling apps through Petris Winds

Maurer’s Advanced Drilling Applications are now available through Petris ASP service.

Noble Corp. unit Maurer Technology Inc. (MTI) is the latest company to offer its software through the Petris Winds hosting service. Maurer’s Advanced Drilling Applications Package (ADAP) is now available for monthly trial and subscription in ‘application services provider’ mode (ASP).


Petris ASP manager Don Humphries said, “Maurer’s suite of applications enhances our solution set and will benefit those individuals either in an office location or onsite handling drilling or workover operations, helping them perform with greater efficiency and significantly lower costs.’

Well construction

MTI’s engineering software supports drilling, completion, workovers, production and economic analysis. These programs are designed to help complete all steps in the well-construction process more efficiently and accurately. MTI provides contract engineering services, design and analysis services, software development, product development, training, and joint-industry research-program management for various clients in the petroleum, mining, construction, and utility industries.

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