Tecplot Reservoir Simulation V 4.0

Reservoir simulator output visualization software has been developed for ChevronTexaco.

Tecplot (formerly Amtec Engineering) has just released a new version of its Tecplot RS data visualization software for reservoir engineering. Tecplot RS was originally developed for ChevronTexaco as a customization of Amtec’s horizontal visualization engine. Tecplot RS allows data from multiple sources to be loaded and displayed as XY graphs or as complex 3-D renderings.

Multiple input

Tecplot RS manages data from multiple reservoir simulators, along with real time production data and formation tests. Version V4.0 improves speed of data loading, adds new import formats and extends plotting of gridded data. The Eclipse loader has been improved and Tecplot now supports Landmark VIP ‘plt’ files. Data from multiple simulators can visualized simultaneously along with observed data. A single-user Tecplot RS 4.0 license costs $3,500.

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