IES kicks-off bio-risk project

New industry consortium, BioPetsRisk, seeks to assess biodegradation risk in oil exploration.

A joint project between GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam and petroleum systems software specialists Integrated Exploration Systems (IES) sets out to assess the risk of biogenic degradation of hydrocarbons. The BioPetsRisk (BPR) project kicks off in January 2005 and will involve the development of a biodegradation risk assessment tool integrated with IES’ PetroMod software.


According to IES, Petroleum systems modeling is now capable of delivering most of the key elements required for the characterization of petroleum biodegradation risk, including generated fluid composition and phase behavior. The move from physics and chemistry into biology will involve petroleum systems modeling, assessing biodegradation risk and estimating hydrocarbon degradation and reservoir deliverability. IES believes that BPR will shed new light on the biological alteration of petroleum in reservoirs - hitherto an often overlooked risk for shallow and deepwater prospects. The study builds on the work of the Newcastle University Bacchus industry consortium. Interested parties should contact for more information.

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