Landmark flagship client at new data center

IBM is offering clients computing on demand from VeriCenter’s Houston-based facility.

IT hosting specialist VeriCenter, Inc. has opened a second Data Center in Houston to provides IT infrastructure services and supercomputing facilities to anchor client IBM. VeriCenter will enable IBM’s ‘deep computing on demand’ (DCCoD) offering from a 23,000 sq. feet facility with secure Tier 1 connectivity, redundant power and environmental control systems. Along with hosting, VeriCenter offers managed security, monitoring, operating system and database administration, storage and tape backup services.


David Gelardi, IBM VP DCCoD said, ‘DCCoD gives companies access to IBM world class supercomputing power to help meet a variety of spikes in needs, without the costs and management involved with owning their own supercomputer. We realized the benefits for the petroleum industry in particular, and partnering with VeriCenter in Houston is geographically located to optimally serve these customers.’

Team Workspace

An early adopter of the DCCoD is Landmark Graphics, whose Team Workspace hosted applications offer a pay-as-you-go delivery model.


Gray Hall, VeriCenter president said, ‘We help businesses scale and compete effectively by managing IT expenditure on a utility basis.’ VeriCenter customers include GX-Technology, OFS Portal, Petris Technology and Trade Ranger.

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