POSC/CAESAR platform for reservoir

POSC/Caesar is to leverage semantic web technology to map between ISO, Epicentre and WITSML.

Petroleum Open Standards Consortium (POSC) and the Norwegian standards body POSC/Caesar are rekindling their mutual standardization effort with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). POSC and POSC/Caesar were closely associated a while back (See OITJ Vol 4 N° 2 for a discussion of POSC and POSC/Caesar data modeling) but their paths diverged as the general interest for data modeling declined.


Today, the organizations ‘anticipate increasing opportunities for cooperation’ particularly in the field of subsurface instrumentation and ‘process-oriented production operations.’ The MOU calls for the organizations to coordinate, cooperate, and share activities for the benefit of their members.

Integrated Information Platform

The new relationship has in part been sparked off by a Norwegian research project for a public domain, ‘Integrated Information Platform for Reservoir and Subsea Production Systems.’ The $3 million project focuses on real time data and will leverage existing industry ‘ontologies’ using Statoil’s Tyrihans field as a test bed. Software for real time decision support will leverage the W3C’s Web Ontology Language (OWL) protocols for classification and retrieving, categorizing and publishing OWL information. A second project will apply similar techniques to data visualization. The projects set out to bridge existing standards including ISO 15926, POSC’s Epicentre, WITSML and others. We wish them luck!

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