OFS Portal and Quadrem to interoperate

Deal links upstream buying community to global e-commerce consumer packaged goods hub.

The upstream supply side group OFS Portal has signed an interoperability agreement with Quadrem, an e-business solution provider, that should allow members of both communities to connect with each other and engage in business-to-business transactions.

Le Sage

OFS Portal CEO William Le Sage said, ‘The connection with Quadrem demonstrates that e-commerce leaders can work together in a trusted environment for the benefit of upstream buyers and suppliers. Together we will deliver the benefits of digital commerce to all trading partners. Additionally, the service levels for transaction routing offered through the global footprints of Quadrem and OFS Portal raise the bar for performance and reliability. Through a trusted, reliable and safe environment such as this, our trading partners can return their focus to their core business relationship and make e-commerce productive.’

$3.5 billion

Quadrem, an established transaction hub for companies in the consumer packaged goods industries, transacts $3.5 billion per year. Quadrem has expanded its offering to the oil and gas industry by attracting upstream operators that deploy electronic supply chain initiatives globally.


Quadrem CEO Mike Efting added, ‘This agreement represents a major milestone for Quadrem’s initiatives in the oil and gas sector. OFS Portal and its member-customers are important drivers in the development of e-commerce standards and industry-based standards bodies such as the American Petroleum Institute’s PIDX committee. Our interoperability with OFS Portal’s global Transaction Messaging Services strengthens our offering and underscores our commitment to deliver value to all trading partners in the oil and gas supply chain.’

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