Absoft helps Total deploy RFID tags

Total is using handheld computers and radio frequency equipment tags to manage HAE inspections.

Total’s UK unit is deploying mobile radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to support offshore plant maintenance on several North Sea fields and the Saint Fergus Gas Terminal. The RFID tags are linked to Total’s SAP’s Plant Maintenance Module (PMM). Total has upgraded its maintenance inspections for offshore hazardous area equipment (HAE) replacing a paper-based procedure with a mobile solution, using handheld PCs, integrated with SAP PMM. The all-electronic route eliminates manual updates, enhancing staff productivity and reducing costs.


RFID tags (similar to retail anti-theft devices) are a robust replacement for bar codes. An RFID tag can be ‘pinged’ by a mobile device and will respond with a unique identifier—offering unequivocal inventory identification and reducing intervention risks.


SAP specialist, Aberdeen-based Absoft, developed the interface between the handheld PCs and SAP, working closely with Total to ensure that the solution delivered was fully integrated with Total’s SAP system.

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