Tobin Land Suite ports to web services

Petroleum Place Energy Solutions unit Tobin is migrating its Land Suite to web components.

P2ES is to create a web-services based version of its Tobin Land Suite (TLS). The port was initiated by several of Tobin’s major clients. TLS Web will integrate with P2ES’ flagship Enterprise Upstream ERP solution along with SAP. An application programming interface (API) allows for integration into customer-specific IT environments.


TLS Web component applications include LeaseData, Contracts, Title, WellInfor etc. The API allows these to integrate existing workflows with application delivery through a web browser. The system can communicate events to internal systems as well as third party systems outside the firewall. Multiple units of measure and currencies are supported. The development is driven by an advisory board made up of representatives from ten of Tobin’s major oil and gas clients. Upon completion, Tobin’s 45 other clients will be offered the opportunity of migrating to the new system.


P2ES COO Trent Derr said, ‘The joint commitment of P2ES and its customers to creating the next generation land management solution continues to validate the market leading position established by Tobin Land Suite.’

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