Open Spirit rolls-out V 2.7 and new User Guide

Interoperability framework now supports SMT and offers enhanced GIS.

A new release (Version 2.7) of Ope Spirit’s upstream industry middleware offers Linux server support for Landmark’s OpenWorks and Schlumberger’s GeoFrame. IESX and Charisma support are also coming ‘real soon now’.


A Beta data server for Seismic Micro Technology’s Kingdom Suite is now available and the new release also sports enhanced integration with GIS Systems leveraging the Open Spirit ArcView extension and ScanUtility, supporting ESRI ArcView 9.0 and ESRI SDE 9.0 respectively. Other ‘efficiency’ enhancements target Solaris server upgrades.

User guide

OpenSpirit has also produced a new User Guide. This copiously (but black and white) illustrated, 164 page document is available on the OpenSpirit website and provides great introduction to what Open Spirit is all about.

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