FRST seeks partners for rock fluid study

UT Bureau of Economic Geology JIP to work on ‘sub-detectable’ resolution of reservoir structure.

The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) and Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) have launched a new joint industry project to investigate ‘Fluid-Rock-Seismic Technologies’ (FRST). The program creates a G&G and engineering research partnership between UTIG and participating oil companies. FRST will develop, test, and validate integrated workflows combining geology, geophysics and fluid-flow modeling of outcrop analogs.


The project sets out to develop new tools to ‘assess and predict’ how detectable and sub-detectable heterogeneities affect reservoir performance. A suite of outcrop models will serve as a ‘digital laboratory’ for experimentation and analysis.


Jim Jennings of the Bureau of Economic Geology heads the project. The consortium is seeking additional partners with $150,000 to chip in annually. Jennings believes ‘The time is right, the tools are available, and the technologies and skills are in place to make step improvements in the seismic detection of fine-scale reservoir and seal elements.’

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