ChevronTexaco funds Los Alamos R&D

The new strategic alliance focuses on deriving industry solutions from defense-funded research.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), operated by the University of California, and ChevronTexaco Corporation (CTC) are to develop a range of ‘mutually beneficial’ technologies. The new alliance will assist Los Alamos in its Department of Energy mission to ‘advance national, economic and energy security.’


CTC CTO Don Paul said, ‘ChevronTexaco and Los Alamos have cooperated in a variety of projects, including radio frequency telemetry and sensor technology for collection and transmission of oil well data and acoustic interferometry. The new strategic alliance will increase cooperation in a number of areas of interest.’


CTC and LANL will develop energy industry solutions from Department of Defense technologies. The initial focus will be on ‘advanced well systems’. Opportunities for broader energy industry solutions will be evaluated.


Charryl Berger, director of energy programs at Los Alamos added, ‘Alliances such as this one between Los Alamos National Laboratory and ChevronTexaco are fundamental to the discovery of breakthrough technologies that help address the energy security challenges of our nation.’ The alliance’s manager will be Manuel Gonzalez, senior engineering advisor at ChevronTexaco Energy Technology Co.

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