RAPID Production Data Analyst

New software performs virtual well tests on flowing wells. No need for shut-in or downtime.

Calgary-based Rapid Technology Corp. has just released a new software package for quick-look reserves evaluation from production data. Rapid’s Production Data Analysis (PDA) applies ‘sophisticated’ production analysis techniques to derive reserves, expected ultimate recovery, permeability and skin without the requirement for well shut-ins or down time.


PDA combines conventional decline methods, with diagnostic tools that provide estimates of reservoir flow capacity, stimulation effectiveness, and in place reserves of gas and/or oil. When required, more detailed production modeling can be performed taking account of heterogeneities, fractures compressibility and reservoir geometry.

Flowing build-up

PDA performs what amounts to a ‘flowing build up test’. Once an analysis has been completed, deliverability can be estimated taking account of facilities modification (compression) and even future stimulation. Flowing Material Balance can be used to estimate permeability, formation damage, and reserves. According to Rapid, no previous experience in well test or production analysis is required to use PDA.

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