Exprodat Quality Metrics 2.0 for Shell

Shell has just accepted Exprodat Technology’s data quality tool for world-wide deployment.

Exprodat Technology Inc. has just released a new version of its Information Quality Metrics toolkit. IQM V 2.0 is a Shell-sponsored product, developed by Exprodat which provides data metrics reporting and analysis.

Data quality

IQM helps business managers, users and administrators assess the quality of the data they own and manage. IQM is designed to standardize the assessment process across the enterprise in an objective, consistent manner.


A query engine automatically interrogates a range of database targets, counting errors and producing detailed error reports. Results are stored in a database over time and can be readily analyzed through Web-based tools. IQM produces a single rolled-up IM key performance indicator (KPI) per asset.


This is aimed primarily at getting management attention, and for comparing between assets and over time. IQM also provides detailed reporting on errors. This is aimed primarily at the IM staff responsible for maintaining and correcting data. The product clearly highlights problem areas and suggests remedial actions. IQM will be rolled-out across Shell starting in early 2005.

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