$32 million data contract for Landmark

PetroBank is to form the hub of PetroChina’s integrated data management infrastructure.

PetroChina has awarded Landmark Graphics a three-year, $32 million contract for an integrated, multi-tiered information management system to support the full life cycle of PetroChina’s oil and gas data.


PetroChina CTO Liu Xijian said, ‘This is the biggest E&P information technology project in PetroChina’s history. This is a critical component in our information management strategy and we are keen to work with a long-term partner like Landmark which is committed as we are to the success of this endeavor.’


Landmark’s PetroBank solution is at the heart of a ‘collaborative working environment’ for PetroChina’s E&P branch companies and their affiliated assets which are to deploy an enterprise-wide standard, secure, and integrated information management system.


Landmark president Peter Bernard said, ‘This contract is exemplifies the partnerships that are created when global organizations like Landmark and PetroChina leverage advanced technology. The Asia Pacific region is very important to Landmark and this contract expands our presence in China providing not only technology but a complete in-sourced service solution.’


The deal includes E&P applications OpenWorks, PowerExplorer, PowerJournal and WOW. Landmark is also to implement an integrated operations and engineering platform for drilling and production tasks leveraging Tow/cs, EDM, DSS and TeamWorkspace.

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