AspenOne for Oil and Gas

New bundle from Aspen Technology offers ‘enterprise-wide’ visibility of upstream operations.

Aspen Technology rolled out its AspenOne for Oil and Gas at the 2004 AspenWorld user group meeting in Orlando last month. AspenOne is designed to give upstream oil and gas companies ‘enterprise-wide visibility and control of operations’. AspenOne spans facility design, planning and operations, to portfolio management. According to AspenTech, the new software enables companies to ‘predict and maximize profits’ by viewing operations as a single, interrelated system.


Production systems consist of a combination of reservoirs, wells, pipeline networks and processing facilities. To optimize the profitability of the overall system, business managers must understand the contribution of each element as well as interrelationships that affect the performance of the system as a whole. According to AspenTech, most asset managers today are not seeing the big picture and are making decisions based on incomplete information.


AspenOne’s three component solutions cover facilities engineering, production asset management and portfolio management. AspenTech is partnering with third party solution vendors to deliver its integrated asset models and upstream solutions including Schlumberger, Petroleum Experts and Scandpower.


Schlumberger Information Solutions was also present at AspenWorld and demonstrated a jointly-developed asset optimization solution that combined components from SIS production engineering software products and AspenOne. The project linked closed loop gas-lift optimization with SIS’ PipeSim and AspenTech’s HySys process simulation technology integrated within the AspenOne’s Open Simulation Environment—previously AssetBuilder.


SIS president Kjell-Erik Ostdahl said, ‘This is the first of a series of new integrated solutions with AspenTech. These will realize our i-Field vision of an integrated workflow from the reservoir to the processing facility. The alliance bridges the historic gap between reservoir and surface facilities, and addresses the needs of our upstream customers to optimize their production operations and field development plans.’ The next target for integration is SIS’ Eclipse reservoir simulator which will be linked to the AspenTech asset model for reservoir management and optimization.


AspenTech president and CEO David McQuillin added, ‘The alliance brings optimization technology used in the petroleum downstream process industry into the Schlumberger oilfield domain. Our alliance with SIS will provide customers with a portfolio of new solutions, using a common environment with shared data models, based on industry-leading applications from the two alliance companies and third parties.’

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